Title:Australian Pop Of The 70's Vol 5 Keep On Rockin'
Style:Pop Rock, Blues, Pop
Bitrate:320 kbps
Total Time:02:35:35
Size:370.64 Mb
By Yolanda

Disc 1
1.Keep On Rockin' - Brian Cadd
2.Winter In America (Leave Love Enough Alone) - Doug Ashdown
3.Yellow River - Autumn
4.Old Sid - Daryl Braithwaite
5.Jamaican Farewell - Ariel
6.Back Again - Stars
7.Gonna Get Married - Marcie Jones
8.Melanie Makes Me Smile - The Strangers
9.Too Hard To Handle - Ray Burton
10.So Tough - Johnny O'Keefe
11.The Ghost - Fielding & Dyer
12.My Little Girl - T.M.G.
13.Man Of The 20th Century - Kevin Johnson
14.Live With Friends - Russell Morris
15.Under The Silent Tree - Flake
16.Stay (While The Night Is Young) - Ol'55
17.Do Ya Love Me - Railroad Gin
18.Touch Me - Ray Burgess
19.Raincoat In The River - Digby Richards
20.So Many Ways - John St. Peeters
21.Hey Billy - Stuart & McKay
22.Short Changed Again - Finch

Disc 2
1.You're All Woman - Sherbet
2.Lotus 1 (I'll Be Gone - Lotus
3.I'll Be Around - Doug Parkinson & The Southern Star Band
4.Just The Way You Are - William Shakespeare
5.Handbags & Gladrags - Jon English
6.Down In The Lucky Country - Richard Clapton
7.Je T'Aime (I Love You) - Abigail
8.Trouble In The City - Moscos & Stone
9.Kings Of Thw World - Mississippi
10.Yesterfool - Sinclair Brothers
11.Carry That Weight - Colleen Hewett
12.I Wanna Make You My Lady - Mark Holden
13.Turn Away - Flying Circus
14.Heaven Is My Woman's Love - Col Joye
15.Wicheta Lineman - King Harvest
16.Too Hot To Touch - Supernaut
17.You Keep me Dancing - Samantha Sang
18.Ongo Bongo - Gerry & The Joy Band
19.All Kinds Of Everything - Pat Carroll
20.Prophet - Ronnie Burns
21.Stares & Whispers - Renee Geyer
22.Armstrong - Reg Lindsey
23.Too Much Rock 'N' Roll - Rabbit