Hola gente, buscando por ahi encontre esta guia ... la verdad no lo probe, esta en ingles pero se entiende creo... si los ayuda avisen ahora les dejo con la guia.

"There are three steps to patching a game from PAL to NTSC.

1)Make an ISO file of the game
2)Patch the ISO file
3)Burn the patched ISO file

1)Make an ISO file of the game
a)Download and install DVD Decrypter.
b)Run DVDDecrypter.exe
b)Select Mode-->Iso-->Read
c)For the Source, choose the dvd drive that has the game in it.
d)For the Destination, select a location to save the ISO file.
e)Select File-->Decrypt. This will now create the ISO for the game.

2)Patch the ISO file
b)Run ps2_pal2ntsc_yfix.exe
c)Click Browse and select the iso file of the game
d)Select 48 as the Y-Fix offset. You cannot have it perfectly centered because the PAL signal has more lines or resolution than the NTSC signal does. This is as close as you can get. You can raise the offset if you need to see more of the bottom of the screen or you could lower the offset if you want to see more of the top of the screen.
e)I choose to uncheck Make PN Selector
f)Click PATCH FILE. The following screen will pop up.

g)This means that the elf file of the game was backed up to your hard drive. Just click ok and exit the program.

3)Burn the patched ISO file
a)Run DVDDecrypter.exe
b)Select Mode-->Iso-->Write
c)For the Source, locate your patched ISO file. The program patches and overwrites your orignal ISO file. Select your orignal ISO file.
e)For the Destination, select the dvd drive you wish to burn the game.
f)Select your prefered write speed
g)Select File-->Write. This will now burn the game.

Bueno espero que le sirva diganme si funciona y despues diganme que onda, voy a ver si despues pongo esto pero para CD-ROM