Genre: Lounge, ChillOut, Ambient, House, Deep House, Trance || Country: France
Audio Codec: MP3 || Tape Rip: tracks || Bitrate: 320 kbps || Duration: 553 tracks (45:47:32)

2001 Fashion TV Spring-Summer 2001 (1 CD)

Illumination - Cry Me A River
Laurent Garnier - The Man With The Red Face (Svek Remix)
Alex Gopher - The Child (Faze Action White Wall Tea Party Mix)
Ian Pooley - Coraçâo Tambor
Onlyparadise - You Got The Way
Rinôçérôse - La Guitaristic House Organization (Edit)
Tosca - Orozco
Smith and Mighty - Rescue Me Pt. II
Oscar - Sunday 17th
Sumo - Limpid
Château Flight - Prism (Version Edit)
Raffen - Enough Of Your Lies (Edit)
Moby - Bodyrock (Olav Basoski's Da Hot Funk Da Freak Funk Remix)
Money Penny Project - Marie Lou (In_dit)

2002 Fashion TV Levante Calze (1 CD)

Beyond The Sunset - Jo Manji
Deep and Wide - Seven Seas
Desire - Black and Jones (Ambient Mix)
Dido - Worthless
Fluff - Mums
Humate - 3.2 Bedrock (Ambient Mix)
Island Memories - Lovers Lane (Original Mix)
Lamb - Gabriel
Lunar Landings - Kalliope
Lux - Northem Lights
Single Sell Orchestra - Transmit Uberation
Time Is the Enemy - Quantic
Uko - Sunbeams
Underwolves - 68 Moves

2002 Fashion TV Spring Summer 2002 (1 CD)

Jay Q - Summer Sojourn
Stryke pres.The Azul Project - Ain't No Sunshine
Zero 7 - Waiting Line (Aquanote's Naked Adaptation)
Yann Fontaine - No-One Else
Herbert - Leave Me Now
Benjamin Diamond - Little Scare (Todd Edwards Main Vocalized Version)
Stιphane Pompougnac - Closer To Julie
Kaori - Good Life
Waldeck - This Isn't Maybe (Eric Kupper Mix)
St. Germain - Alabama Blues (Todd Edwards Mix)
Quantic - Fifth Exotic
Charles Shillings and Pompon F. - Starshine
Urban Chill - Footprint On Sand
Ive Mendes - If You Leave Me Now

2002 Fashion TV The Mix mixed by DJ Laurent C (1 CD)

Michelle Weeks - The Light
Duplex - Flying High
Superstar DJ's - Let's Be Free
Victoria Gray - Supaguy (BKW Remix)
DJ F.E.X. - Indie Walk
Paul Johnson - Follow This Beat
Major Boys Feat. Aurelia - Sous le soleil
Pearl - Higher (Major Boys Remix)
Major Boys - Panamerica
Master H - Magic K
Antoine Clamaran Feat. Lulu Hughes - Release Yourself
Dan Marciano - Project
Edouard De Tricasse, Silver and K - Hollywood is burning

2003 Fashion TV Beach House (1 CD) (128 kbps)

Lalann - Blue Coast (Ecko Remix)
Index ft. Brian K - Room 18
Wax Hero - For A Liftime (Old School Mix)
Ronan - Presence (Deep Remix)
hauf ft. Jou - One Word
View Finder - Retail Therapy (Aghata's Speci
Lalann ft. Coco Dew - Breeze (Remix)
Orleya Has - Desire (Over The Sky Remix)
E Meets E and L - Runaway (Index Remix)
Liongold - Garden Of The World
Lov.e - Better Place (Dual Sessions Mi
Dubrider - It Hurts

2003 Fashion TV presents Pete Tong (2 CD)

Lil Louis - I Called U (Pete Tong Reedit)
Foremost Poets - Open Season
Rocket - People (Jeno's Stormy Weather Mix)
Playgroup - Front To Back (Todd Terry Mix)
Phender - Slowley But Surely
Lee Cabrera - Shake It
Keys Brothers - Don't Ya Stop (Majik J Dub)
Gus Gus - David (Darren Emerson Mix)
Spirit Of The Boogie - Rainbow Seeker
Paris and Healey - Ripped
Venus and Mars - You Can't Handle This
Sleepers - Fishbone
Thunderpuss - Welcome To My Head
Range Of Motion - What U Mean To Me (Winx Mix)
Armand Van Helden - Ghandi Khan (Danny Howells Reedit)

Ulrich Schnauss - Knuddelmaus
Underworld - 8 Ball
Mint Royale - Miles and Miles
Pea Green Boat - Seesaw
Sasha - Mr Tiddles
Lemon Jelly - Closer
Donna Regina - Why Do You Ask
Layo and Bushwacka - Blind Tiger
F.C.Kahuna - Hayling
Freddy and Herman - Aquarius
Virgin Souls - Next Meal
Gotan Project - Santa Maria
Cam Starring Anggun - Summer In Paris
Neon Heights - That's Entertainment

2004 Fashion TV Winter Chill (1 CD)

Little miss Gunner - Intro
Sandy Parker ft. Lila Liu - Like a star
Liongold - Nitefl
Comfort - Slowdown
Wax Hero - Ive been finding you
More cuts - Come Baby
B. Sider ft. Mitilenne - Butterflies in your eyes
Sound Behaviour - Light eyes
Quadra - Even Better
Index - Stepaside
Ronan ft. Dew - Picture from pleasure
ElioandRalf ft. Little Gaby - Until the end

2005 Fashion TV Beach Life Essentials (1 CD) (256 kbps)

Wax Hero meets Prisl - Miss U
Ronan ft. C. Shaw - Sunset
Dual Session - Cheek to cheek (Ronan Remix)
Solimano - Skin of my skin
Index ft. Dew - Neverending (Real XTC Mix)
Raff and Mary F - Living it all
Liongold - Garden of the world (True Love Remix)
Kauf ft. Pirraglia - Destination - Love
Rhod - In this world
Quadra - Clap your hands (Hand In Hand Mix)
Gain Over - We got it
(+) Comfort - Nothing since then (The JC Remix)
Golden Dreams - Pretty stranger (Vocal Mix)
Delta F 508 - Around
No.oN - You + Me

2005 Fashion TV Beach The Glam Sessions (1 CD)

Von Mondo - Seductive Soul (Album Mix)
Glambeats Corp. - Fantasy (Magik Edit)
Sixth Finger - Behind the Door
South Dolphin - Luv U
Glambeats Corp. - Take My Soul (Original Mix)
Index - Automatic Jazz
Elio Riso And Raffunk Feat Mary F - To Be or Not to Be (Vocal Remix Edit)
Shortcut - Glassballoon (Roby's Remix)
Ronan - Get on It (Short Edit)
Whip Culture - I Belive (In Someone) (Sixth Finger Remix)
The LA Style Project - Do It Right
No.oN - The Color of Time (Chill Edit)

2005 Fashion TV Chill Session (1 CD)

Purple Avenue - Nothing compares 2 u
Silver Pixel Feat. Querubyna - Billy jean
Purple Avenue - Justify my love
Raff Feat. Gushi - Pride (in the name of love)
Alex Palmer - Woman
Johnny Santiag - No woman no cry
Pimpi Arroyo - I can't get no satisfaction
Rhod Feat. Mika - Trouble
Arnold T. - Bang bang (my baby shot me down)
Alex Palmer - Close to you
Stéphane Le Bellec - Come away with me
Mastercuts Feat. Mary F - You oughta know
Topazz - Behind the wheel
Spiral 3 - Come together
Dj Kodi - Purple rain
Javier De Galloy - Walk on the wild side

2005 Fashion TV Summer Session (1 CD)

GrOOVE Lickers vs Irene Cara - Flashdance...(What A Feeling)
PLD vs Fox The Fox - Precious Little Diamond
Exhibit A - G Minor
DJ Spen Present DJ Technic - Gabryelle
Barbara Tucker - You Want Me Back
Didier Sinclair - Heavenly
La Fiesta Sound System - Decando
Sunhatch - Can't Get Better Than This
Silicone Soul - Feeling Blue
Rachael Starr - Till There Was You
Anthony Acid ft. Ruby - Sweat
Haji and Emanuel - Week End
A Tribe Called Es ft. Jaquita - Dancin
Sebastien Drum ft. Rolf Dyman - This Is House

2005 Fashion TV Uomo (1 CD)

Dual Sessions feat. Dew - Don't You Baby [Jammed Version]
Golden Dreams - Deep Over
No.oN - Over and Over
Rever Sound - Dance for Me
Astrovoid - Ocean Jewel
Karen Souza - Wild Horses
G-Spliff - Not Afraid
Sao Vicente - Ishtar
Lalann - Jazz Boutique
Sound Behavior - Metzo
Tripssono - G3
Dual Sessions - Fly Me to the Moon
(+) Comfort - Deep Breath
Slowdown Virginia - Eternal Game

2005 Fashion TV Winter Session 05-06 (1 CD)

Yoshimoto - Do What U Do
Digitalism - Zdarlight
Elio Riso and Raffunk - To Be Or Not To Be
Henchmen vs Paulo Def - Needin U Baby
Rasmus Faber - Get Over Here
Studio B - I See Girls
Martjin Ten Velden and Lucien Foort - Bleep
Holmes Ives ft. Avalon Frost - Eight Letters
Sessomatto - I Need Somebody
Envotion ft. Laura - Vessel Of Poison
Huggotron - Pop It Bad
Nick and Danny Chatelain - Is Killing Me
Andry Nalin And Gregor Wagner Pres Bush Bush - The Piano Track
Benjamin Theves - Texas
2006 Fashion TV Arabia Fall - Winter 06-07 (2 CD)
2006 Fashion TV Club Session mixed by Ravin (1 CD)
2007 Fashion TV Show Opera Club Moscow by Olga Romina mixed by DJ Stylezz (1 CD) (256 kbps)
2007 Fashion TV Summer Session 07-08 (4 CD)
Bar Session
Beach Session
Club Session
Private Session
2007 Fashion TV Winter Session 07-08 (4 CD)
mixed by David Vendetta
mixed by Didier Sinclar
mixed by Mark Ursa
mixed by Ravin
2008 Fashion TV party pokaz SHAPOVALOVA mixed by Dj Lil'M (1 CD)
2008 Fashion TV Summer Session 08-09 (4 CD)
2008 Fashion TV Winter Session 08-09 (4 CD)

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